Finding lots for custom homes is always a challenge in Davidson. Finding large wooded lots is even harder. Finding them in a neighborhood setting is nearly impossible.

While Davidson’s village center is a draw for some, and the larger planned communities outside of town are attractive to others, both options fall short for a particular buyer. These are the individuals that find themselves seeking a little more privacy, who find peace being surrounded by nature and who daydream a bit while driving the rural roads just outside of town.

Green Level was created by local developers who went looking for that perfect place to build their own home and realized that it just didn’t exist. The result is 20 acres of lush forest and meandering stream with just 6 home sites. Privacy and nature, combined with the comfort of sharing these unique surroundings with people who value the exact same thing, make Green Level the perfect place to build your custom home.


The Town of Davidson is home to Davidson College and is closely connected to the campus and its students. Founded in 1879, the Town is designed with pedestrians and bikers in mind, creating a close-knit, walk-able community. Davidson is one of the most desirable locations in the Greater Charlotte area, committed to smart growth while maintaining its unique small-town character and values.


This beautifully wooded lot features a generous building envelope nestled between three giant oak trees where the Deaton Farm’s original barn once sat. A handful of natural boulder formations anchor what promises to be a serene backyard that includes an approved pool site. The highest point in the neighborhood, your home will overlook a wooded valley in the distance.


The most prominent boulder in the neighborhood stands watch at the front on this wooded lot. A century-old field terrace marks the leading edge of a building envelope that could provide a spectacular daylight basement above an approved pool site. Running Cedar blankets the forest floor on this wooded lot overlooking a grove of mature hardwoods in the distance.


The largest of the lots available in Green Level, Lot 3’s building envelope options offer over 300’ of separation from the nearest home. Mature hardwoods tower over a flexible building envelope that could easily accommodate a daylight basement and includes an approved pool site. The property stretches into the woods to a small stream, which runs along its Northwest corner.


Follow Avoca Lane through the trees across the neighborhood stream and you might think you’re in the mountains. Cross the stream again and you will find this magnificent lot rising from the approach, resting on a gentle wooded knoll. Located at the end of the road and featuring over 100’ of creek frontage with a natural stream buffer along the road, this is a very private setting. An off-site septic easement onto the adjacent lot provides a tremendous amount of flexibility, including an approved pool site.


The largest lot in Green Level is literally over the river and through the woods, but the ends justify the means. This wooded lot features a variety of mature hardwoods, understory trees and a mature stream buffer along a beautiful stream. The building envelope rests at the high point above an impressive grove of hardwoods and the Rocky River in the distance. A variety of configurations would all provide ample space for your home, pool and outbuildings.


As Avoca Lane dips into the woods and across a stream the mature hardwoods that anchor this lot surround you. Featuring over 800’ of creek running the length of the lot, the building envelope lies just before Avoca Lanes turns and crosses the stream for a second time. In addition to the serene acreage that already includes a nature trail, the property shares a property line with the 200 acre preserve that is Fisher Farm, the Town of Davidson’s ultimate destination for hiking and biking.


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